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Bullskin Township Community Fair,  Pleasant Valley Road, Mt Pleasant, Pennsylvania 15666


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Truck & Tractor Pulls

May 1, 2021

May 15, 2021

June 26, 2021

July 10, 2021

August week of the fair

September 18, 2021

October 9, 2021



Wow what a year for Truck & Tractor Pulling.

 Started out thinking we would not be pulling due to the covid-19. We had 5 summer pulls plus Smoke in the Valley. More tractors & trucks hooking to the Red Bull than ever before. People coming from all over Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland & Virginia.

 To the New Pullers we thank you & hope that you come back next year to pull with us! 

To our regular Pullers as always we appreciate you & happy to see you!

The spectators we thank you for coming out to support us all of the time! 

Our Volunteers your a great team!!!

 This year our sled got painted, named & we purchased the property next to the end of the track. That ended with the our last pull breaking records. We had over 200 hooks & a distance of 363.74.

 In spite of 2020 being a crazy year we sure had fun. Thank you everyone! Until next year, have a safe winter while working on your truck & tractor, talking about how you did & what changes you are making for the 2021 season.




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DREWS MOWING SERVICE  Mt Pleasant                          


          HUFFMANS AUTO SALES      Mt Pleasant                 







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          SOMERSET TRUST of South western Pa


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AMERICAN CROP INSURANCE    Alliance Oh                          


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MIDWAY PARTS & SERVICE   Pleasant Unity                                     


PLEASANT LANE FARMS   Creamery & Honey   Latrobe                                         

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TEUFEL HUNDEN HOPS CO.   Latrobe                  

 VIRGIL HUCK BUILDERS  Waterford Ohio                  









See General Rules and Regulations for Truck and Tractor Pulls below:

GENERAL RULES (Applies to Every Class)                                                               

  1. No alcoholic beverages permitted on premises.  Any driver believed to be a potential safety hazard will be barred.  Driver is responsible for their pit crew.  Failure to observe rules will result in disqualification with no return of entry fee.
  2. All pullers pull at their own risk.
  3. All vehicles must always be operated in a safe manner .  This includes vehicles that are pulling, towing and/or hauling.
  4. First 3 classes must be registered prior to driver’s meeting.  All classes require a minimum of three pullers to have the class.  Entries close at the start of class.  If a competitor arrives late, said competitor will not be allowed to compete if the class has already started.
  5. Contestant must pull in assigned position and within 3 minutes of sled spotting.  Track officials will determine position changes if necessary.
  6. All drivers must wear a long sleeve shirt, pants and leather boots.  Helmets and seat belts are recommended.  No tennis shoes.
  7. All weights must be securely fastened.  No weights permitted in cab or under hood.  No loose ballasts or bags.
  8. Vehicle must start and stop on signal of track judge.  No use of rearview mirrors.  Pull is considered over when forward motion stops.  Violators will be disqualified.
  9. A 2 ½ lb. dry powder fire extinguisher within reach of driver is required.
  10. No one is allowed on track or within 25’ of track except driver, track officials and judges.  Pit crew member permitted on track ONLY to start vehicle and hook vehicle to sled.
  11. No one other than driver permitted in pulling vehicles.
  12. Vehicle must start with tight hitch.  No jerking or working of clutch after pull is started.  Any violation will be disqualified.
  13. Vehicle & sled must remain in boundaries during pull.  Any attempt to move sled is considered measurable.
  14. First puller is considered a “test puller” and has the option to re-pull in 3rd or last position.  All decisions on re-pull must be made before vehicle leaves the track with judge’s approval.  Any disqualification on 1st pull eliminates 2nd attempt.  During pull-off, only one attempt is allowed to make a measurable pull.
  15. Judge’s decision is final in all classes.  Judge has option to re-pull all 1st pulls.
  16. If vehicle has open top or roll bar, a helmet with face shield is required.  All vehicles must have a windshield.
  17. Electric fuel pumps allowed in all classes.  DOT stock tires okay, no over-sized duals.
  18. All vehicles MUST BE in Park/Neutral while being hitched/unhitched.
  19. Nothing may be added to the truck that would cause vehicle to be unsafe.
  20. Arguing and unsportsmanlike conduct toward officials/staff is cause for disqualification of both vehicle & driver for that day.  All track official decisions are final.
  21. No Nitrous or Pressurized Vessels.
  22. If there is a protest, it must be made by competitor of that class & be made to track officials only.  Officials will decide if complaint is legitimate and if disqualification will take place.
  24. All trucks must have 4” or larger back-up lights or beeper.
  25. All vehicles must weigh in and pass safety inspection.  Track officials reserve the right to re-weigh any pulling vehicle.
  26. If truck has 3 consecutive wins during pulling season, with a 10% lead from 2nd place truck, then truck must move up to next class.
  27. Hitches:  No vertical hitches allowed.  Hitch must be accessible to be hooked/unhooked easily.  Hitch height must be 26” to the center of the hitch.  Hitches must have a 3” or larger hole.  If using a clevis, it must be twist type.
  28. Kill switches:  All vehicles are required to have a kill switch.  Kill switch must be securely mounted to the back of the vehicle and have a 2” diameter ring to attach to the sled.  A tie strap will be used during tech to show vehicles have been teched.  A ¼” hole will be used to securely hold tie strap just above the kill switch (only if tie strap is broken, decided by head track official, will competitor be given opportunity to pull again).  Kill switches on diesel motors must have air shut off, must be operated from rear of vehicle.  Air shut off will consist of cap or guillotine that closes off air into the engine.  The cap or guideline will be spring loaded.
  29. U-joint shields required for the following classes:  Small Block Street, Big Block Street, Small Block HO, Big Block HO, Hot Street Diesel and 2-Wheel Drive.  U-joint Shield must be 6” wide ¼” steel or 3/8” aluminum.
  30. Track officials have the right to stop pulling vehicles at 300’ or to allow a floating finish.  Vehicles must stop before the end of the track.  Anybody who turns left with the sled, at the end of the track, will be automatically disqualified. 
  31. In a pull-off, each puller will hook in the order that they pulled in the original line up.  No dropping of positions allowed.  A floating finish will be used.
  32. Rule Violation:  Any 1st time violation will result in disqualification from that event.  A 2nd time violation for the same infraction will result in removal from that pulling season.  Any puller suspended will not be allowed on the track or in the pit area for the duration of the suspension.  If vehicle is sold, vehicle will be allowed to pull, but the suspended party must not be involved with vehicle in any way.
  33. Automatic Disqualifications: Jerking the chain or working of clutch after pull is started, Out of bounds (any part of the vehicle touching the white boundary line), Turning left with the sled at the end of the track, Loss of weights or safety equipment, Loss of excessive fluid, Unsportsmanlike conduct, Leaving the starting line under red flag, Deliberate delay of pull, Excessive arguing with officials, Intoxication of any kind.


See Tractor Pull Rules and Regulations below:

                                  CLASS SCHEDULE

3.5 mph CLASSES                                 5.5 mph CLASSES

4500                                                       4500

5500                                                       5500      

6500                                                       6500

7500                                                       7500


6 mph CLASSES                                  10 mph Classes                          12 mph CLASSES

9500                                                        5500                                                        9500

11,500                                                     6500                                                      11,500

13,500                                                     7500                                                     13,500







**Additional Classes may be added based on demand and at the discretion of the pulling committee.**



  1. All track official rulings are final.
  2. Numbers will be drawn bingo style for pulling order.  If number is already taken, contestant will re-draw.
  3. Two class limit per tractor.  *Subject to change at official’s discretion
  4. No riders on tractors. Drivers only on tractors.
  5. First puller has the option to come back in third position (driver must decide at the end of first hook).
  6. Driver has 75 ft. to decide to re-pull.
  7. Tractor must have a hitch with a 3” hole or clevis to pull from.  Must have clear access to hitch from sled and hook must hang (not lay) on hitch.
  8. Driver must obey flagman’s signals at all times.
  9. Tractor must meet approval of track official.
  10. Tractors must have original shields and guards in place.
  11. Weights must be secured.  The loss of a weight or any part from tractor results in a disqualification.
  12. No weight frame or weight may exceed 24” beyond the front of the tractor frame.
  13. Driver must be at least 12 years old unless approved by track official.
  14. Safe height of tractor front end from the ground is the flagman’s discretion.
  15. Tractor and weights cannot be altered in any way while on the track.
  16. Four wheel drive tractors may pull but front wheels must be in neutral.
  17. No dual wheels or chains permitted.
  18. Pull must start from a tight chain.
  19. Driver is to remain with their tractor while in line and pull in order as sign-up sheet indicates; failure to do so results in forfeit of pull.
  20. Track officials may stop a driver if tractor is being operated in an unsafe manner.
  21. Driver must remain seated at all times; no jumping or leaning over back of seat.
  22. Placing will be determined by the longest distance pulled; track official makes final decision.
  23. No jerking of the sled or aggressive driving, on or off the track; this will result in a disqualification.
  24. Only track officials and puller that is pulling are permitted on the track.
  25. All tractors will be checked for modifications and safety.
  26. No alcoholic beverages or drugs permitted on the grounds.
  27. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification of tractor and driver for the day.
  28. All protests are to be made to track official ONLY.  Official will make decision whether or not protest is legitimate and whether or not a disqualification is necessary. DO NOT GO TO THE ANNOUNCER STAND!


  1. 20” hitch height
  2. No double cut tires.  Top cut tires permitted.
  3. No aluminum wheels.
  4. Driver can shift.
  5. Speed limit is 3.5 mph.
  6. 200 square inch tire size limit for 4500 & 5500 (i.e. 14.9 x 38); refer to firestone tire chart
  7. 252 square inch tire size limit for 6500 (i.e. 16.9 x 38); refer to firestone tire chart
  8. 300 square inch tire size limit for 7500 & 8500; refer to firestone tire chart
  9. All general rules apply.


  1. 20” hitch height
  2. No double cut tires.  Top cut tires permitted.
  3. No aluminum wheels on REAR.
  4. No Minneapolis Moline 800 parts.
  5. Driver can shift.
  6. Speed limit is 5.5 mph.
  7. 300 square inch tire size limit for 4500-6500 (i.e. 18.4 x 38); refer to firestone tire chart
  8. 380 square inch tire size limit for 7500-8500 (i.e. 20.8 x 38); refer to firestone tire chart
  9. Factory turbo allowed.
  10. Tractors running over 3000 RPM must have side shields and transmission blanket.
  11. All general rules apply.

6 mph CLASS RULES (9500 lb. and up)

  1. 20” hitch height
  2. No double cut tires.  Top cut tires permitted.
  3. No aluminum wheels.
  4. Speed limit is 6 mph.
  5. All general rules apply.

12 mph CLASS RULES (9500 lb. and up)

  1. 20” hitch height
  2. No double cut tires.  Top cut tires permitted.
  3. No aluminum wheels on REAR.
  4. Speed limit is 12 mph.
  5. All general rules apply.


  1. 20” hitch height
  2. Engine block must be same as manufacturer of tractor.  Must use OEM head.
  3. Tractor identification must be by actual transmission, rear end and chassis.
  4. All tractors must be equipped with original style hood and/or grill.
  5. Exhaust must discharge vertically upward above highest point of tractor and be securely attached.  Exhaust must be at least 18” above hood with no curved pipes or rain caps.  Exhaust pipe must be cross bolted with two 3/8 bolts within 1” from each other.
  6. Minimum draw bar length is 18” from center of rear wheels to point of hook.  Draw bar must be stationary in all directions.  Hitch height no more than 20” to top of hitch.
  7. All engine fans must be shrouded with steel 1/16” or thicker 360 degrees or factory shroud.
  8. Maximum 540 cubic inches on turbo charged diesels.
  9. Inter coolers and water injection allowed.
  10. A 2 ½ lb. dry chemical halon type fire extinguisher is required.
  11. All tractors operating over 3000 RPM will require the following:
    1. A flywheel protection in the form of a scatter blanket or 4” x 3/8” steel surrounding flywheel
    2. Air shut-off or kill switch
    3. Side shields .060” thickness

Roll bars or roll cage mandatory 9500 lb. and up.  Additional weight will be be permitted for roll bar or cage.


See Truck Pull Rules and Regulations below:

SMALL BLOCK STREET    Wt.  6,500 lbs.

  1. Must have registration and license plate.
  2. 26” Reese Style hitch
  3. 2” travel, No block suspension.


  1. 26” Any style hitch.
  2. NO Injectables.
  3. NO tires over 35” x 12.50 as stated on side wall. ALL tires must be D.O.T.
  4. Must have kill switch.
  5. NO portion of weight to be hung any further than 60” of centerline of front axle.

BIG BLOCK STREET   Wt. 6,500 lbs.

  1. Must have registration and license plate.
  2. 26” Reese style hitch.
  3. NO visible hanging weights.
  4. NO tires over 35” x 12.50 as stated on sidewall. All tires must be D.O.T.
  5. 2” of travel. No block suspension.

BIG BLOCK HIGH OUT PUT    Wt. 6,200 lbs.

  1. 26” any style hitch.
  2. NO Injectables.
  3. NO tires over 35” x 12.50 as stated on side wall. ALL tires must be D.O.T.
  4. Must have kill switch.
  5. NO portion of weight to be hung any further than 60” of centerline of front axle.


OUTLAW DIESEL   Wt. 8,000 lbs.

  1. 26” Hitch.
  2. All safety equipment required.
  3. Hanging weight allowed, not to exceed 60” off front axle centerline.

STREET DIESEL   Wt. 8,500 lbs.

  1. 26” hitch REESE HITCH ONLY.
  2. NO suspension modification of any type. (No traction bars and full travel)
  3. Registration and license plate.
  4. NO visible hanging weights.
  5. NO tires over 35” x 12.50 as stated on sidewall. Factory Dually trucks cannot exceed 285/75. ALL tires must be D.O.T.

OPEN STREET DIESEL   Wt. 8,000 lbs.

  1. 26” hitch REESE HITCH ONLY.
  2. Blocked suspension allowed.
  3. NO visible hanging weights.
  4. Recommend blow proof bell housing and scatter blanket.
  5. Recommended kill switch
  6. NO tires over 35” x 12.50 as stated on sidewall. NO duals unless factory Dually truck. Tires cannot exceed 258/75. All tires must be D.O.T.     


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