Bullskin Township Community Fair

Fayette County's Oldest Community Fair!

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Bullskin Township Community Fair, Pleasant Valley Road, Mt Pleasant, Pennsylvania 15666

About Us

1928 to 2017 - Our 89th Year! - Oldest Fair in Fayette County!

The Pleasant Valley Grange was organized March 23, 1928.  At that time the grange membership decided to sponsor an annual fair.  The present grange building was under construction during the years 1929-1930.  The 1928 fair was held on Saturday, October 20 and the 1929 fair was held on Saturday, November 16 at the Pennsville Baptist Church.  These early fairs were held late in the season so that grains, corn, potatoes, and apples could be exhibited.  The early fairs only lasted one day.

The new grange hall was completed and dedicated in the spring of 1930.  Plans were set in order to hold the annual fair in the new building.  All exhibits were set up in the basement, including the poultry!

In 1931 a new poultry building was constructed and several stalls were added so that a few head of cattle could be exhibited also.  Now the fairs were lasting 3 days.  The fairs continued to grow and additional space was needed for outside machinery displays and for parking.

The original fair site consisted of only 1 acre and was donated by the late Mr. & Mrs. Charles Winebrenner.  The grange trustees negotiated with the Winebrenner's and purchased an additional acre of land.  They also made arrangements to lease several acres of adjoining land to be used for parking as each year more families were owning automobiles.

By 1937 the fair had grown to such an extent that the Pleasant Valley Grange Fair Association was formed.  During the summer of 1937 a large livestock barn was constructed.  Later an addition was added to the end of the building for the purpose of housing the 4-H saddle club horses.  Also, a shed was added along side of the barn for stabling ponies.  A pig barn was also constructed.

Over the years the fair has really grown and we have expanded to approximately 45 acres!  We have had help from numerous sponsors and from fair profits to update the following: Build a new poultry barn with an extension in the rear for sheep and goats, 2 new livestock barns, addition to the kitchen, new office, new scales, rodeo facilities, 2 large steel exhibit buildings, new bleachers, outdoor stage area, and additional land purchases for parking.

In the 1970's the Bullskin Township Fair Association was formed and the name was changed from the Pleasant Valley Grange Fair to the Bullskin Township Community Fair.  Since that time the Bullskin Fair Association had leased the grange building and land for a period of one week a year during the fair from the Pleasant Valley Grange Association.  In May 2010 the fair purchased everything from the grange association when their organization dissolved.  Also, a pizza oven was purchased for the corner booth at the grange hall.

Since the 1960's the fair has been running a full 6 days and is held in August.  Our fair is the oldest running fair in Fayette County!  We are proud to state that our fair is family oriented and your family can come here and enjoy our fair for FREE!  There is no charge for parking or admission.  There is also free music entertainment nightly.  There is a small fee for events held in the arena.

We Thank YOU, The Community, For YOUR Continued Support!